T9K Official Game Nights Info Thread!


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Killing Floor 2 Gamesnight when?
this weekend would have been a good time but maybe next weekend would be better. I wish there was a better way of looking but from my friends list there are only 10 people who actually own the game, it might be wise to wait for more players IMO.


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I saw a let's play of Guns of Icarus Online, ans I was wondering if the game is fun. I saw it on the Steam store for $3.74 for a sale also. If I ended up getting this game, I think it would be fun for a game night or something. I saw that at one point someone had suggested this, but now I see this discount is even better.

So, until May 21st, Guns of Icarus Online is half off on Steam meaning it is only $10. It looks like it would be a blast to play as a gamenight some time in the future.


(I know it's an old quote, but I saw this as reference material)