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Team9000 Community Minecraft Project


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Tonight, I will be shutting down the Team9000 1.0 Minecraft server(s). The world map will be available for download almost immediately, with the same limitations as our world maps have always had ("You are authorized to host these maps on your own server, but MUST attribute Team9000 both on your website, if you have one, as well as on signs near the spawn point.")

Moving forward, I will be creating a server promotion system to advertise servers hosted by members around the community. These servers will be listed prominently on the homepage, as well as other locations on the site.

The requirements to become an officially tracked Team9000 community server are as follows:
  • Your white-list applications and server discussion must be housed entirely on the Team9000.net forums (if we can help improve this experience, please make suggestions!) If your server requires it, we can make you a subforum of your own with you as the moderator.
  • Your server may or may not have a whitelist, and we will link to your application page if you have one.
  • Your server must not be password protected
  • Your server must allow status queries

If you are interested in having your server listed, please post your information here!



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Wow, its been a long time since i first got on t9k survival and tried to figure out how the crafting table works.

Kind of sad to see it go after all this time, but i guess it cant be helped. ;(


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Are these community servers restricted to only minecraft or will servers hosted for other games be supported by Team9000 in the same fashion that community minecraft servers will be?


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Are these community servers restricted to only minecraft or will servers hosted for other games be supported by Team9000 in the same fashion that community minecraft servers will be?

If the game isn't supported by Launch, and follows all the requirements, I don't see why not.


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Well, I had a lot of great memories with that server.... Better tell my friends this news


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I will ask for the Voltz server, tshin's UFTB server (hosted on my box), the PokeCraft Project, the PvP server I'll be launching in the next week, the Aether II server I'll be launching within two weeks, the ubermodpackpack server (release date TBA), and my competition server to be added to this.

I would post the IPs here, but as one of the IPs will be changing shortly, one server is down at the moment, one is only turned on for special events, and three of the servers don't actually exist yet...let me get back to you on that :p


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I am sorry to see it go, but we've seen it coming for months from the lagging participation in the server. Better to let it go and redistribute the resources than keep a sinking ship afloat.

EDIT: Both this thread and 'The one song that makes you cry' thread are both the most recently posted on threads right now.
Coincidence? I think not.


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I have had some of the best gaming memories on Team9000's Minecraft server and I am sad to see it go, but I will cherish those memories not morn them. RIP
On another note now we can look for ward to those mods we always wished were on the server ;D


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And the beginning of a new era has come at the end of this.

Hooray for repurposing for something more awesome.


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Well crap.I was going to start going on again once the server updated.Well that's no longer on option.Sad to see it go after the server is what got me into Team9000.


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It's been fun.......a lot of fun.

But all good things must come to an end, and a new era of diversity and excitement is now upon us.