Team9000 Minecraft (Community Reboot)


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Hello, and welcome to the official thread for the official Team9000 Minecraft Community Server!

Here you can post suggestions, requests, criticism, etc etc etc. Basically anything related to the server.

We have a WIKI PAGE!

If you want to hang out in mumble, log in and type /room minecraftreboot

Newbank (around -2175x,125z)

Southbridge (nearabouts 4000x, 4000z)

Greylist Application (copy and paste the following):
Southbridge Application
Length of time with Team9000:
Last official map you played on:
One veteran member (has been here longer than 1 year) to vouch for you:
The last requirement only applies if you have been here less than 1 year. Make sure the member you say will vouch knows to reply to this thread to actually do so.



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A word about suggestions/complaints: we're not mind-readers. If someone is pissing you off, if there's a problem with an in-game function, if there's something you think should be added/removed, don't just say nothing and expect us to deal with it. You can post here, or in a conversation with any of the admins if you're more comfortable that way. All we ask is that you be polite and understand that if we flat-out say "no" to something, it won't happen.


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When you say community reboot... what exactly did you have in mind? I'll agree that the community needs something, but I'm not certain that it's MineCraft.
Basically the goal is to get back those people that left immediately after Minecraft died, or shut down.

This probably won't appeal to the entire community, but the planners are doing their best to emulate the nostalgic feeling that we all get while playing Minecraft, and hold it throughout an entire play-session.


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And also Plugins we should know about, rules, and commands?
Rules are posted in spawn, basically don't be a dick.

Minimal commands, most plugins are only there for staff to use. You do get /ping and /pong though. Our intention is to give an extremely Vanilla feel.

Oh, trying to break a minecart before you get to the Tower will have...interesting results.


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I just have 1 question.

Can I terraform everything?
And if so, how much terraforming can a terraformer terraform if a terraoformer could terraform a terrible form?