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thehotmal... again! (to builder!)



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Just reviewing this thread, and placing it in reviewed status. keep building hotmail and update this thread with your builds.


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You haven't quite built enough to be promoted to the next rank, but keep up the good work! Feel free to continue posting your work to this thread, and we'll continue to review it over time.

Even though you haven't been promoted yet, keep in mind that it is our top priority to protect all of our user's creations safe from griefers. You'll have to live with the cool worlds for just a bit longer :D.

That is your usual automated copypasta
My Internet is shut off and I was building a really big mansion in guest :( and dough... ClawfullKirltty is now coming on regularly. Ur like the only one who hasn't found out :p


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this will continue to sit in reviewed status until you actually get some screenshots up for us to review. your numbers look good, but we need to see what you are building, and so far, as you know, this has been mostly chat.

so go build, and LET US SEE!! :D
built this with the help of doughman364


  • Storage.png
    428.1 KB · Views: 26
  • Diner kitchen.png
    Diner kitchen.png
    578.3 KB · Views: 29
  • Dough's room.png
    Dough's room.png
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  • Elagent Enterance.png
    Elagent Enterance.png
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  • Guest Room.png
    Guest Room.png
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  • Indoor diner.png
    Indoor diner.png
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  • Indoor Pool.png
    Indoor Pool.png
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  • My room.png
    My room.png
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  • Outside view of Mansion.png
    Outside view of Mansion.png
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  • Part 2 of dough' room.png
    Part 2 of dough' room.png
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  • Part 2 of my rom.png
    Part 2 of my rom.png
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  • Part 3 of doughs' room.png
    Part 3 of doughs' room.png
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  • Part 3 of my room.png
    Part 3 of my room.png
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  • Secret diner storage.png
    Secret diner storage.png
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  • Storage.png
    428.1 KB · Views: 25