This is the end of team 9000?

keep dreaming my friend. If we haven't found that game in five years....what makes you think its coming.
I feel like we all need to just cling to a slightly popular game, and play that a bunch. We'll attract people who see us with the same tag or something like that, and eventually we'll re-vamp the community from that game, and go from there.
to be honest even though I miss the large number of people I got to meet over the years of team 9000 I appreciate the core that is left over more. I've made and lost friends here and that is okay but a smaller community isn't a bad thing. we may never find the "next Minecraft", but that doesn't mean we can't find new games to play. they may never be minecraft but gaming will be a thing for a long time to come I think
I do miss you guys..... I'm just busy with life and all. Over time at the hospital, night school , wife, kids.... mother-lin-law.....
But I do miss the days when we build stuff on minecraft, pwnd on counter striker ( I still remember you sniping me Jerzey >_>) and talking on
Mumble.... Funny that I still have Hamtaro. Sooooo whats new with everybody?
I still check the site every morning when I wake up, and then sometimes throughout the day when I have nothing else to do. It's even still pinned to the top left website slot of my new tab page.