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Trade Establishment


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This thread is still under development.

The Trade Establishment isn't a city, it is, well, a trading thread. I created this thread to simplify the communication of people willing to trade. For example, if someone has 2 packs of cobblestone, and they want to trade it for, I don't know, an enchanted iron sword. You would say,

I want to trade 2 packs of cobblestone, and I'm looking for and enchanted iron sword. I'm currently at Cydonia, If anyone wants to trade.

The person who is giving the enchanted iron sword could reply,

I think I can give an enchanted iron sword, I'll meet you at Cydonia.

In other cases, someone could be looking for offers. For example:

I'm trading a diamond block. Looking for offers.

I am still trying to figure out a secure way to find a time to trade with the specified person. PM's, maybe?

This thread is solely for the use of trading, or ideas. This whole concept is still in development, so I'm just testing this out to see if it works out alright.


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I'm a travelling salesman, so I'm all over the place! Slime balls are my specialty, 3 credits each, minimum order quantities apply if you're far away from me, discounts available for bulk purchases. I have lots of Nether brick and fence, and can get you pretty much anything else you might want if the price is right!


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looking for: 8 glowstone blocks
trading: 20 cobble stacks?
location of trade: Solitude (up to 1500 blocks away from city centre)


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Anybody fancy a saddle of Wooty (authentic saddle he threw at me while trying mob disguise) in exchange for something?