Well Shit.


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It has literally been like 3 years since I have even stepped foot into this awesome website. I have no idea if anyone remembers me, but I used to be an Awesome Rank at one point in time on Classic and would be considered a "Legend" if it were still up.

Since I have left, I finished High School, graduated College, had some beautiful girlfriends along the way (single atm), and traveled up and down the East Coast of the US. Hit me up, let me know what is up and what is new. Hopefully there are some old names I recognize that will respond.

PuRe2K12, Kris19488? , Marbler, Casey, Oozanator, STH (stopthehacks), hectic ... (all important people that helped build a server I used to run on Minecraft way back in the day)

When it comes to Names, TWKILLER96 or TWK is fine, but lately in gaming / Youtube / Twitch, people usually just refer to me as TSMASH now.

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