What is the haps?


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According to Urban Dictionare the HAPS are "Homie Assisted Power Steering. While driving, you need your homie to grab the steering wheel for you in certain occasions. It's really easy to ask for help, just say HAPS yo."


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Ok so everyone died and I have no one to say HAPS to... Any advice from beyond the grave?


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Poland finally snapped.

Allied with Canada, they bombed Australia via secret Canadian nuke reserves and smallpox-ridden koala slaves.
This, in turn, set off supervolcanoes on every continent that just so happened to be linked to Australia by incredibly lengthy TNT cables assisted by extension cords made of supposedly non-existent australium.
(This gives me reason to believe that Richard "MacGyver" Anderson is, in fact, of Australian descent.)

You, Wooty, MacGyver, Vorsprung, and myself are the only survivors. As this is under Mature Discussion, I cannot reveal the details as to our stroke of impossible luck. Well, I suppose you can count me out, seeing as I can't die no matter what happens to me (which ultimately sucks), and I'm not even burnt.

That. in a nutshell, is the haps. The rest of Team9000 speaks beyond the grave because the internet out there is dirt-cheap (oh, look. a pun).


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Just playing on Tekkify... managing my clan/town thing, and playing with all my gadgets like quarries and construction foam. Only 2 guys from t9k "accidently" found me in the chat.

What else for me? Darksiders 2.

But I think killing floor is still alive and kicking.