Will you press the button?


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Not sure if you all are aware, but there is a subreddit on reddit where a clock counts down from 60 seconds to zero. If you press the button, the count starts back over starting at 60 seconds. However, you can only ever press the button once. Depending on when you press the button, you get a certain "flair" or "color," which is basically like a trophy.

It was started as an April Fools joke by reddit. They wanted to see how long it would take before it reached zero. So far there are over 900,000 clicks on the button. Remember, you only get 1 shot at it, so make it count!


PS, I have a red flair. I pressed the button at 11 seconds, which is considered pretty good. Also, for an interesting read about the button, click here- http://www.vox.com/2015/4/10/8383165/reddit-button-explained
Oh I forgot to mention, only people with a reddit account made before April 1, 2015, can actually click the button...
Landed on yellow, bang on 30s.

Ha! Well this is actually a neat concept. I'll make sure to pop in at odd times and see if I can snag a low time myself.