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I've seen so much, it scares me
I can't cool off cause something isn't right

Who in the world would ever guess
That somewhere in the middle of our cozy nest?
There were dark things lurking in the back of your mind
Just open the window and look with your eyes?
So after a couple of years to reflect on life choices I have come to the conclusion that I didn't fully understand why t9k was dying and I vented out of anger. For that, I apologize and I understand now that I am older and more worn out. Life has a funny way of reminding you about your mistakes and mine are numerous. I probably will continue in my inactivity on the site but I did want to apologize for my actions :)
Hi dough, appreciate the message, very heartwarming! Do you have Discord or Steam where we can chat and catch up? I miss you!
Wow, this account's still alive. Randomly opened Minecraft again and remembered T9k classic server days from like 6 years ago when I was like 13? :unsure:
Anyway, Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! I just came back to see if this community is still alive after 7 years (my last post was in 2013). Brings back good memories!