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acropo ban 'appeal'

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can someone unban me from Team9000 Public [team9000.net] minecraft server?
i may or may not have made a shortcut through someone's house
The shortcut may have gone unapreciated, so I will stop.
username acropo

First day playing, I was just randomly running and clicking through things. I dont think I did too much damage......
I also think I may or may not have made a giant wang on the large guy at the edge of map.

I play nicely from now on. I alctually liked it in there and want to go back. :)


Hello Greg, you have in fact been banned by lzice for griefing someone's house. You must understand that griefing is editing anyone's work in ANY way. I have notified lzice about this appeal, but please be patient for him to get to it.

- Yuvi


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Yah, I figured since it was my first time playing someone would just unban me, and if the ban needed to stay, then just reban me.
I am left waiting now...not the best process...
Should have been kicked and warned first then banned instead of straight ban...


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Hello acropo,

I did indeed ban you for the grief done to a house. It was relatively extensive damage, which was repaired when I banned you. The penis, which was noticed by another user was also against our rules, and very childish/immature.

Can you explain why you felt this was appropriate for any public game?

I may accept your appeal, depending on your reply. I accept that you may have had a moment of running through randomly destroying things, which is understandable on your first time playing, but a penis requires thought and attention, why did you do it?



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Not really any thought/attention. Took around 30 seconds.
I ran around breaking things and putting random blocks.


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yeah, but seriously, why a penis? what made you think "I know, a penis!"? Its not exactly on the forefront of everyones mind.....


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User unbanned, thread closed.

Please try to get to the point and beat around the bush less in future, applies to both of you.


Edit: Anymore of your shit, under any circumstance, and you will most likely receive a permanent IP ban.
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