Apology to Team 9000


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I want to apologize for my just absolutely awful behavior from when I used to be active on the forums here. I was very disrespectful towards this whole Team 9000 community who were just loving and caring for their fellow members. I would post racist, homophobic, holier than thou remarks. I would troll and post Nazi/Fascist imagery on my profile. I thought my way of life and thinking was better and right. I was a hateful person for a long time. I honestly don't know why my account was never banned to be honest.

I remember logging in here a few years back and cleaned some of it up by editing and deleting posts/threads and even tried deleting the account but I realized I couldn't really erase it all. Honestly, maybe it's for the better because I realized I can't run away or deny my behavior a decade ago. More importantly, I can't take back all the hurtful things I've said and the impact that they would have had on people. I've spent the last several years looking at myself as a person, and over the past week I thought about Team 9000 again and the guilt I feel. It frightens me what my behavior has done to those I affected and the shame I feel looking back on it all. I hope the people I've hurt directly or indirectly will see this post at some point while randomly browsing through.

I'm sorry to @Wooty for disrespecting you and your community.
I'm sorry to @Patchouli for trolling and the homophobia and hate.
I'm sorry to all the LGBT members of the community and beyond this community.
I'm sorry to POC, people of other religions, backgrounds, beliefs.
There are a lot more names and groups that deserve to be specifically apologized to.

Looking back at some of these threads and replies it's nice to see that you all did your best to try and correct my behavior.

I've come to realize that we should appreciate and love one another no matter what. To treat others as we want to be treated, so that the world will be a better place.

I hope you all are doing well.
Glad you became a better person but it was a forum post from a decade ago on a dead forum. You sound like someone in Hollywood who just got cancelled on twitter but in reality you were a shitty person on a small forum.

As one of those LGBT members you may have offended I don't even remember who you were so apology accepted and I hope you continue to improve yourself as a person! Lord knows we all posted cringey shit of various degrees on here back in the day.