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ban appeal


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please unban me I was playing with my friend codstar and we were in his and is friends house but I thought it was his house so we built a bar and I put water on the roof where the glass was then I got a bit carried away and mad like a water fall go down the roof then I guess codstars friend came back on and well he must of thought it was grief so he band me his name is mikeymagic. I'm rank builder and I got over 100 hrs please unban me it was an honest mistake and those who no me no that im not a griefer.


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Hello rebornteh.

I have informed mikeymagic that this appeal exists. Please wait patiently for him to reply, and thank you for posting in the correct section.


I know I should not post here (you can ignore this post) but I'd like to add some things to this appeal, and also I was one of the builders who reported this to mikey.

I have taken screenshots of the conversation I had with rebornteh while he was adding to his waterfall on top of that house (made by nobleteam, Mortal_Demo, Maester_Squishy and others), and right before he left the server.

Reb screenshot - 1.jpg
Reb screenshot - 3.jpg
Reb screenshot - 4.jpg

One hour before all this, rebornteh was called off by mightythedj23 for calling a guest "Bitch", eggin him on and trolling. This guest was codstar123, who was also banned for griefing and fixing others grief the same day.

Again, I apologize for posting this here since I am just a builder and I have no rights to do so, but I had these screenshots that might be helpful and wanted to share them with you.


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Hello guys . my name is fooskas i was yesterday with my friend panileader .. trying to make a house and talking to skype we had a great time. A guy thomas appeared and he was harrasing us. I tryed to speak him out of this but he continued then Xeadin froze me i told him what happend but then he banned me. He thought that i was griefing epictrollwins house but i accidetenely broke some blocks of his house. I write this whole thread to apologize and please Xeadin if u see ( i love this server ) UNBAN ME!
With love FOO


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sorry for all the bum talk that must if been my friend i was showing him the game and this server and well i guess he must have gone on when i went to the toilet or something ill ask him. i also did call cod a bi*** but i dident think that was a crime it was 1 word and he dident take it serious im really sorry i really luv this server and i just wana be back on a play if u un ban me i mwont do any thing stupid i will just build and not grief swear or anything please let me back im really sorry ;(


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I will unban you however if you ever do anything like this again you will not be unbanned. Also you will have to re-earn your rank if you wish.

User unbanned please close this thread.