FastKat 2


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Simple Task:

Step 1.) Click on this Link

Step 2.) Play the Game (and try not to get motion-sickness :sick:)

Step 3.) Post your highest score


EDT: my highest score so far is 2371 3398 3513 3667
3678, upping the mouse sensitivity helps a lot i shall update this with ongoing highscores
funny thing is after a bit even the random rock fields get easy, the ones that cause me the most problems are the straight ones
edit: nope i gave up, cba
4504 4682 4860

The wing hitboxes annoy me too. Dodge up and down, not left and right, and keep to the center.
That was fun.

There was a random asteroid field that kept killing me right at the 3000 point stage.

FastKat2 high score.png