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favorite lyrics & Songs


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Also, one might think that a company that would get rid of the gunshots in their logo to be more sensitive to shooting victims would be more aware of how offensive this movie is likely to be. Watch Get Hard Online

I’m all for breaking taboos and not being overly-PC when it comes to comedy, but there is a line and Movie crossed it as soon as someone read the script and greenlit it. Watch Insurgent Online

It’s tricky to find much of anything to say about Etan Cohen’s directorial debut Movie that isn’t discouraging, so let’s try and start with a positive: it suggests that the next collaboration between Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell could be fantastic. Watch Cinderella Online

In both stature and delivery, they’re the perfect odd couple, wildly different comedians in approach whose chemistry is enough to nearly rescue a pretty dire film. Watch Run All Night Online

Ferrell is James King, an obnoxious one-percenter who splits his time between berating the help, piling massive sums of money into his coffers at his day-trading firm, and luxuriating in his gigantic mansion. Watch The Gunman Online

The biggest worries in James’ life are the constant demands of his gold-digging fiancée (Allison Brie) and the pressure put on him by her father (Craig T. Nelson), who wants to make James a firm partner. Watch Kingsman The Secret Service Online

Elsewhere in the Los Angeles area, there’s Darnell (Hart). He lives in Crenshaw with his family, trying to get his daughter out of her crime-ridden school and into a better neighborhood. Watch Do You Believe Online

In the meantime, he develops his car-wash business, one he runs out of the basement of James’ office building. Watch The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Online

When James is indicted and convicted of fraud and embezzlement, sentenced to 10 years in a maximum-security prison, he jumps to the immediate conclusion that Darnell has previously done time, and begs him to teach a crash course in how to survive prison life. Watch Focus Online

Darnell’s never even been near a prison, but he needs the $30,000 that James is willing to cough up without question, so he takes on the new job of prison trainer for the 30 days leading up to James’ incarceration. Watch Chappie Online

The dynamic between Hart and Ferrell plays to both of their strengths, to a point. As the privileged, moronic James, Ferrell is a caricature of a caricature, and these tend to make for his best performances. Watch The SpongeBob Movie Sponge Out of Water Online

He trains in capoeira, spends most of his remaining free time in various states of sobbing, and is physically incapable of anything resembling toughness. Watch Fifty Shades of Grey Online

As Darnell, Hart finds an interesting riff on his star persona, that of the pipsqueak who’s to\o tough for anybody around him but too cowardly to handle any actual tough guys he might encounter. Watch Jupiter Ascending Online

Darnell works James through intentional torture rituals, simulating prison riots and inter-gang shouting matches in the yard, and Hart goes for broke trying to wring laughs from the film’s alternately dusty and repugnant jokes. Watch The DUFF Online

It’s the very vision of a comedian on the rise and another in something of a recent slump helping one another through the kind of movie that will go down as a highlight for neither. Watch Unfinished Business Online

Movie is a movie in which the titular double entendre is milked early and often, frequently in service of gay panic jokes that don’t look a day older than 2002. Watch The Lazarus Effect Online

The film’s premise alone is questionable to say the least, but there’s a way to handle the material that could work. Watch Paddington Online

In its brief moments of success, Movie focuses less on how uproariously funny the hazards of prison life are and finds comedy in the contradiction between the oblivious James and the hardworking Darnell. Watch The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Online

The film’s social commentary, such as it is, isn’t exactly subtle, but when James goes off about how enlightening and culturally rich he finds his new discovery of rap music, or Darnell starts to feel guilt about how truly oblivious James is to the realities of the world, Movie works. Watch The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Online

It’s not a great film in those moments, but it’s one held together by a pair of committed performances, and at least it’s not ugly. Watch Home 2015 Online


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It’s astounding how many angles the film finds from which to approach the topic, and it goes there early and often, making jokes that aren’t even so much offensive after a while as just lazy. Watch Get Hard Online

Movie quickly descends from an off-putting comedy of opposites to the kind of movie that time and the changing styles of comedy in the modern age will turn into a relic sooner rather than later. Watch Insurgent Online

I like Kevin Hart. The guy makes me laugh, even in dross like The Wedding Ringer. And obviously Will Ferrell is something of a comedy legend, one of the best talents to come out of our SNL generation. Watch Cinderella Online

And when they team up in Etan Cohen's Movie, they certainly deliver some laughs, many of which arise from their vast height difference, which is used to frequent and hilarious effect. Watch Run All Night Online

But the greatest comedic geniuses of our time or any other couldn't improve on a script as basically, fundamentally wrong as Movie's. Watch The Gunman Online

Ferrell plays Wall Street tycoon James King, happily engaged to a woman who looks like Alison Brie because she is Alison Brie, and whose father (Craig T. Nelson as Martin Barrow) is King's boss. Watch Kingsman The Secret Service Online

They've got a good situation going, until King is arrested at his own engagement party for embezzlement - a crime he did not commit. Watch Do You Believe Online

Hart is Darnell Lewis, the owner of a struggling car wash business who needs thirty thousand dollars for a down payment on a home that will move his family to a nicer neighborhood and get his adorable daughter out of a scary and dangerous school district. Watch The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Online

When King is sentenced to ten years in San Quentin, he assumes the black man who washes his fancy car must be a felon, and he begs Darnell to toughen him up in the month he has before he goes to prison. Watch Focus Online

Darnell - whose record is as squeaky clean as King's car when he's done with it - goes along with this racist assumption for a $30k paycheck. Watch Chappie Online

The elemental problem with Get Hard is that it asks us to care what happens to this racist millionaire - who also happens to be a huge John Mayer fan, in case you needed another reason to dislike him. Watch The SpongeBob Movie Sponge Out of Water Online

We're meant to believe that because King is well-meaning and innocent of the specific crime of which he's accused, that he's a good person with whom we should empathize. Watch Fifty Shades of Grey Online

He's only the normal kind of Wall Street crook, not the kind that embezzles! Darnell's a much more interesting character, but the journey here isn't really his - whether or not he gets his thirty thousand is hardly the central hook of Movie. Watch Jupiter Ascending Online

Let's talk about the jokes in this movie. Sometimes, they're funny - mostly, as listed above, any time the very tall Ferrell and very short Hart stand next to each other. Watch The DUFF Online

But mostly, they're awful. There are so, so many jokes about prison rape here. This is an extraordinarily homophobic movie, one that relies on the very image of a dick to get a laugh out of the audience. Watch Unfinished Business Online

Dicks are funny, because they're gross, and the very idea of one man sucking another man's dick is so incomprehensible that it's a riot! That said, that joke and many others did get a big laugh from the SXSW audience, who seemed to love the film. Watch The Lazarus Effect Online

All of the jokes may not have landed with me, but they certainly landed with the majority of this audience. Watch Paddington Online

In addition to being homophobic, the movie has some weird stuff to say about women. Darnell's wife Rita (played by Edwina Findley Dickerson) gives us one normal. Watch The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Online

Respectable female characterization, and thank god for that because Alison Brie's character is a vapid, gold-digging, sex-wielding asshole, and when she leaves King the moment he needs her most, he trades up for a constantly twerking friend of a friend of Darnell's who has literally no other qualities to speak of. Watch The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Online

She twerks. That is all. That is King's romantic arc: from an asshole to an ass-shaker. Watch Home 2015 Online