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Gurws Army Minecraft - PvP-RPG - Settlements: Getting Started

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Settlements: Getting started.

For this tutorial, anything in <> needs to be substituted with your own values, and should be input without the <>. For example, if I write /pay <username> <amount>, and you want to give TheGurw 2,000 GAC, you would type /pay TheGurw 2000.

1. Get 8,000 GAC. The easiest way is to get 3 friends to help you with this, since every players starts with 2,000 GAC. You can transfer money with /pay <username> <amount> <br>
2. Find a nice spot<br>
3. Settle the land - /ssettle <settlementname><br>
3a. If you're using multiple words in your name, use underscores (_) instead of spaces<br>
4. Invite any friends you have into your settlement - /sinvite <friendname><br>
5. Set your first chunk as a home plot for grief protection - /bset home<br>
6. If you have friends with you already, add them to the home plot if you want, or give them their own homes in a bit - /baddresident <username><br>
7. Walk to an adjacent chunk (if you aren't sure, use /map)<br>
8. Claim that chunk as part of your settlement - /sclaim<br>
9. Check your Claim Points and Build Points - /sstats<br>
10. Now you can pick a plot type to set your second plot as. If you followed step 4, you should have 6 build points available to you; and this is where the possibilities begin to branch.<br>

You have 6 build points, and currently you have 4 building types available to you (since you've only claimed 4 plots - Tier 2 opens up after 5, but we'll get to that).
Lumber Camps produce Logs, and cost 4 build points.
Farms produce what and raw meat, and cost 2 build points.
Training Camps let you gain special abilities, and cost 2 build points.
Homes protect against theft and grief, and cost 0 build points.

I would suggest a Farm and a Lumber camp, and set the last plot to a Home, or leave it open until later.
Now you need to set storage areas for both of your production plots. Go into your Lumber Camp plot and use /baddstorage.
Because the Lumber Camp produces blocks, you're basically done. Now head into your Farm plot and use /baddstorage.
The Farm produces items, so you'll need to use /bborder to find the area of your storage and place chests in it. If you did it right, a bit of green text will appear on your screen saying "Added item storage."

Now you need to staff your buildings! I'm assuming you have two friends. More about roles can be found on the [https://wiki.team9000.net/Gurws_Army_Minecraft/PvP-RPG/Roles/ Roles] page.
So use the command /ssetrole <friend1> farmer, and then /ssetrole <friend2> woodcutter.

So long as your friends are online, your farm and lumber camp will produce their respective materials. You can also set yourself as either role, if you don't have friends, or they aren't online.

So if you're following the instructions so far, you have no build points left. Not to fear! If you have more GAC to spare, you can buy more - or if you don't or don't want to waste your GAC, you can just wait until you receive another one.
Both Build Points and Claim Points are "built" when your settlement has online members. You can see the time left until your next point by typing /sstats. Typing /sstats 2 will show you some basic information on the buildings available, including both how many build points they cost and how many claimed chunks you need to have before you can build them.
Check out the [https://wiki.team9000.net/Gurws_Army_Minecraft/PvP-RPG/Buildings/ Buildings] page for more information on the buildings.

Once you have 5 chunks claimed, you'll want to make a Trading Post. This will allow you to set the role of "Merchant" on up to 5 of your settlement members. And best of all, now you can start making money!

Create a sign with the following text on the top two rows:<br>

Now put an iron ingot in your inventory, and right-click the sign. You should get 37.5 GAC if you did it right.

Once you get to Tier 3, the first building you'll want to make is a Warehouse - With a Warehouse, you can automate the selling process, sell more things, and sell them for more money!
Set a plot as your Warehouse, and set at least 2 storage areas. You'll use one for blocks, and the other for items. Place some chests in the one you want to use for items, and put some iron, steak, cooked pork, cooked chicken, or bread in the chests.
In the other storage area, you can place blocks of either cobblestone or planks. Set one of your settlement members as a Merchant, and over time you should automatically sell your goods.

From here, you're on your own!