Halo series continues!


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Wired said:
It’s hard to plan very far in advance in the videogame industry, but the house that Halo built knows what it’s doing for the next decade: Working on a secret new game franchise with Activision Blizzard.

“The scope and the ambition of what we’re planning is much greater than the scope and the ambition of Halo,” Bungie design director Joseph Staten told Wired.com following Thursday’s announcement of a 10-year contract that gives Activision exclusive publishing rights to the new videogame series Bungie is creating.

“I think we’re all eager to go on and go bigger than we’ve ever gone before,” Staten said.

While most Bungie workers have been finishing Halo Reach (pictured above) — the popular series’ final game, which enters public beta Monday — a small team led by studio co-founder Jason Jones has been at work on the secret new action game franchise for the past year.

“We’re extremely excited about getting everybody, once they’re done with Reach, working on this new thing…. The work we’re doing now is concrete, real work, getting ready for the full might of Bungie to jump in as soon as Reach is done,” Staten said.

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