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Help design the Team9000 Minecraft Spawn


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Hi everyone! So, I'm not the best artist, and our spawn is both rather barren and unintuitive (portals are accessible from behind the spawn point, so most people don't realize they're there), so I'm requesting any good artists to help out, if you'd like. Our requirements are that spawn not interfere with neighboring builds (as far as I know, there are only builds on one side of spawn, so we can expand spawn if needed), and we need 3 "portals" (just a rectangular frame) for the Team9000 Museum, Lioncloud Isles, and Creeper's Lab. Right now, spawn is 128x128 blocks, but like I said, we can try and expand it.


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I nominate one of the following people (or all: )...in no particular order

@mountainboy955 (aka Gurw)


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I'd love to help out. I'm actually attempting to design a spawn-type building at the moment offline just for kicks.