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Please forgive me for my actions...


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Hello I am extremely sorry for my actions of building a dick on an enderman. This was the first server I went to and I didn't really know the rules at first. I thought there were no rules and one can free build anything anywhere. Now I know 100% of the rules in any server from mcforge to 800craft. I was banned by Ice. Please forgive me

Greatest apologies,


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Ohai, you were banned by lzice for, as you said, building a penis. However, he hasn't been active in some time. I'll let him know that this is here, but if he doesn't respond to this in about a week, either an admin or I will handle this I guess. Just be patient mmk? :D


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Well, I was informed I can handle this ban appeal; So, from what I've gathered you seem rather sorry for what you did, and i'll give you another chance, so long as you read /rules the next time you are on classic mmk?

Appeal accepted; User unbanned.

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