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Team9000 Wiki Archive

Hello, and welcome to the official wiki page for the official Team9000 Minecraft Reboot Server!

Please post all discussion of the server in the [https://www.team9000.net/threads/team9000-minecraft-community-reboot.27078/ forums].

While this wiki is open for anyone to edit, please leave any major changes (ie. anything that isn't grammar) to the Admins.

Host: StTheo
IP: play.creeperslab.net
Map IP: http://mc.team9000.net/

General Rules
Pretty simple. No advertising other servers or communities, hacking, macros, nude or racist anything, asking for promotions, mean-spirited trolling (as determined by the victim and staff, not the troll), single-column towers (don't become a smart-ass and build a double-column tower either), transparent textures, abusing math to help you find ores, or being a dick. Just play nice, play fair, and we'll get along fine.

In addition, with the advent of name-changes, we've had to include a further rule: Be mature or we will stick you in the "Playpen." This is a bedrock box where you will not be able to die or break anything. Just like real life playpens, young children like yourselves are placed in the Playpen so they can't hurt themselves or others with their immaturity. You will be given a 30-day warning before being placed in the Playpen (as that is the "cooldown period" between namechanges), but the Admins reserve the right to add prefixes and suffixes as they deem appropriate and equally immature to demonstrate your childishness and how stupid you were to call yourself that.

=How the Server Works=
The Hinterlands
When you join, you'll be in a world named the Hinterlands. This world has no grief or theft protection, other than its size. It's huge. No kidding, we pre-generated a stupid amount of terrain, so even those of you who want to go 7,000 blocks from spawn to settle down won't be disappointed (don't go much farther though, any new chunks generated beyond what we have pre-generated will be wiped when we update to 1.8; sorry). Out here, we won't reimburse you if you lose anything to grief or theft. PvP is also a thing out here, though straight-up cold-blooded PvP-grief (ie. spawncamping, repeatedly hunting the same person) is severely frowned upon and will be dealt with on an individual basis. Again, distance may be your best friend in the wilds of the Hinterlands.

New players can't use flint-n-steel, buckets, break minecarts, or utilize the chest-locking mechanic, among various other things. If you want to use those, make your way to The Tower of Ozy, located 3,000 blocks WEST of Spawn (-3000x). This should be the first thing new players do when they join (don't worry, you only have to make the trip one-way, it will send you back to spawn when you're done).

To prevent AFK mob grinders and other laggy farms, an inactivity period of 3 minutes will set you as AFK (this does not make you invulnerable). 20 minutes after that, the server will kick you. Yes, you can get around this using a water circle or taping down your spacebar...but your hunger still goes down, and you will starve to death, so bear this in mind.

Rules of the Hinterlands

The rules of the Hinterlands essentially center around being honourable.
#No nooblet killing without instigation. If someone is new to the server, at least give them the opportunity to get settled in. There's no honour (or, let's be honest, fun) in killing someone who you outmatch so greatly you might as well be slaughtering cows. Dick move.
#No spawncamping. Seriously. It's a dick move.
#No offline grief or theft. Taking from someone who doesn't have the chance to protect their shit? Dick move.
#Don't log off to avoid grief or theft. If someone can provide sufficient proof that you logged off as soon as you saw them coming, they still get to do what they were going to do to your place without punishment. Battle logging is a dick move.
#Don't completely level someone's place. Seriously, give them a chance to rebuild. Dick. Move.
#Destroying someone's chests just to let the items despawn is a dick move. Yes. We know when items despawn.
#Don't repeat-kill people. By this we mean following someone and just slaughtering them over and over. That's a dick move.
#Having said all of the above: Grief, theft, and PvP without warning are just fine; but be reasonable. Don't be a dick.

Rail Systems and Landmarks
We HIGHLY encourage rail systems and are willing to protect long stretches of rails to prevent grief. We will also consider protecting impressive structures or other builds that we believe should be "landmarks" of the server. If it's good enough, we'll even consider putting it in the Spawn region!

There are portals to "Cities" (see below) that are essentially sub-worlds made up of a 500x500 chunk of land. They are PvP-free and also won't spawn hostile mobs. One of these cities is completely open for anyone to build in - Newbank - and is where players who are new to the server and aren't yet trusted by the community should go. Veterans that don't mind sharing space with new players can also head here. The rest of the cities are Greylisted (anyone can visit, but only those on the list can build); and new entrants to the city are decided by staff, with recommendations by the community (just vouch for someone when they apply, basically). Chest (and other inventory blocks) protection is only offered in city limits, and in the small protections around the city portals.

If you want to build in a city, first check the area you want to build in to see if someone else has built in it or claimed it already, if not you can claim an area by placing a fence around it and/or an abundance of signs. Make sure you place at least one sign to say who claimed it. Don't claim a stupid amount of land unless you already have a plan for an amazing build and you have the approval of at least some of your neighbours - if there are complaints about the size of your claim, we'll ask for proof of your plans, and if it isn't impressive enough, we'll ask you to reduce the size of your claim or work around the people near you. If you can't find a spot large enough, we're willing to protect a region in the Hinterlands for you, if you can gather a majority of the materials you need before you begin and the build is impressive enough that you honestly think we would consider it a landmark of the server.

Rules of the Cities
#No grief.
#No theft.
#No building on someone else's land without permission.
#No building past the edge of the city. Builds that extend beyond the edge will be deleted without warning or reimbursement, and may result in a temporary or permanent ban for multiple offences.
#Large mobs must be kept in a pen with a ratio of mobs:blocks of 1:3 (if you have 15 cows, your pen must be at least 45 blocks).

The Cities
Newbank (around -2175x,125z)<br>
Southbridge (nearabouts 4000x, 4000z)<br>
Serpent's Pass (295x, -363z - inside the snake's mouth)

New Players
*/whereami (gives coords of where you are, just like hitting F3)
*/msg <otherplayer> <message> (sends a private message to otherplayer)
*/say (sends a message to chat; or you could, you know, just chat)
*/afk (sets you as AFK; this does NOT protect you from harm!)
*/biome (tells you what biome you're standing in)
*/list (says who's online, separated into rank)
*/ping (says "Pong" back; good for checking chat lag)
*/arena (takes you to the PvP arena)
*/poof (kicks you from the game with the quit message "<playername> poofed out")
*/nope (kicks you from the game with the quit message "<playername> noped out")
*/meow (makes your client mew)
*/scan (returns the distance to the nearest Loot Crystal if you are within 500 blocks of one)
*/mybrand (try it and find out!)

*/pong (easter egg)
*/me <action> (acts as an emote: /me eats a bagel will return TheGurw eats a bagel)
*/cpublic (creates a public protection)
*/cpassword (creates a password protection)
*/cprivate (creates a private protection; you can add others to the list of allowed access if needed)
*/cmodify <addthisplayer> -<removethisplayer> (allows you to add or remove users to the allowed access list)
*/cunlock (unlocks a protection - still protects against destruction of the block)
*/cinfo (see information about a protection)
*/cremove (removes the protection completely)
*/lwc flag <flag> <boolean> (allows you to set whether redstone can open doors, explosions can destroy your protection, etc)
*/lwc menu (display help)
*/lwc mode persist <on|off> (turn on persist mode; useful for locking a massive storage room in one pass)
*/pr i (turn on block history mode; right click for the air block, left click for the block; use command again to disable)
*/pr pg <#> (shows the specified page when reading block history with multiple pages)
*/ignore <player> (you will no longer see messages from <player>)
*/unignore <player> (you will see messages from <player>)
*/ignorelist (shows the players you have ignored)

Voting is Good!
We want to see you vote for us! With that in mind, we've created a set of possible vote rewards - some awesome, others...are dirt. You never know! You get 1 reward for every 5 votes. To vote for the server, go in-game and type /vote, then click on the links!

*Experienced Voter: 10 XP Levels
*Positively Glowing: 16 Glowstone Blocks
*White Blocks Are White: 16 Quartz Blocks
*Redstone Maniac: 16 Redstone Blocks
*Dairy Farmer: 2 Cow Eggs
*Gone Batty: 2 Bat Eggs
*Uncooked Bacon: 2 Pig Eggs
*Damashkis: 2 Sheep Eggs
*Barking Up the Wrong Tree: 1 Wolf Egg
*Ooh, Shiny: 5 Emeralds
*Moar Diamondz: 18 Diamonds
*Name That Mob: 1 Name Tag
*POE-TAE-TOE: 16 Baked Potatoes
*Gurw Loves You: 16 Cookies
*The Lie: 1 Cake
*Don't Ya Put It In Ya Mouth: 16 Slimeballs
*Reading Rainbow: 16 Books
*Ozy Wuz Here: 1 Golden Apple
*Member of the Order: 1 Enchanted Golden Apple
*A Bit of Pressure Needed: 16 Coal
*Nevermeltice: 16 Packed Ice
*Stoned: 16 Stone
*Have Some Grass: 16 Grass
*Get Dirty: 16 Dirt
*Glass - Some Assembly Required: 16 Sand
*Possibly the Worst Reward: 16 Gravel
*Hrrnnggghhhh: 1 Villager Egg
*Buckley's: 16 Podzol
*T9k Corral: 1 Horse Egg
*Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom: 1 Mooshroom Egg + 16 Mycelium
*Pimpin': 1 Diamond Hoe
*Possibly the Best Reward: <span style="color: #F00;">Fissure Strike</span>
*Diamondz: 9 Diamonds + Chance at Moar Diamondz
*Chicken Farmer: 2 Chicken Eggs
*Patchouli is a Legend: 1 Ocelot Egg
*Saddle!: 1 Saddle
*Thy Noble Steed: 1 Diamond Horse Armour
*Death Awaits You All With Nasty Big Pointy Teeth: 1 Rabbit Egg

=Welcome to Team9000, and Enjoy Your Stay!=