Thank you! :)


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Hello to everyone who may see this,

I know lots of you are busy with your lives and do not check in here anymore. I am guilty of doing that, I kind of dropped off the face of this earth for years which I feel bad about. When I was in high school I had a very controlling, abusive, and manipulative boyfriend who would not let me talk to anyone other than him. I know I had some of you on socials such as steam but I was forced to remove all my friends I had made because of this ex. I was not able to check in here either for years because of this ex. I am sorry for being a bad friend to you all. Regardless, I just wanted to say thank you. I know when I was younger I did not really cooperate with going on mumble (because I was extremely shy and a nervous person). I do regret not joining mumble sessions when the classic server was up and even the minecraft one. However, I had such a wonderful time being apart of this community! I really want to thank everyone here because I always had such a blast chatting and playing games with everyone. Everyone here had a positive impact on my life which I am grateful for :giggle:. I do not really play much games on steam anymore but in case anyone wanted to add me my username is Nikkitikkiisland. I am way more active on playstation which is Nicolelelee. Anyways, thank you all again, you're all wonderful people!:giggle: <3

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oof lol i know this is late but it needs no further saying that on behalf of everyone you made friends with here, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life and sharing all those great memories with us. dont sell yourself short! youve gotten so much stronger over the years to overcome your personal struggles and to really blossom into your own person!

keep doing you! you da real MVP :J
wishing much happiness and successes your way!