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Waffleville was an Outlands city that lasted from 1.3.1 to 1.7.3. It was started by ienjoywaffles and was located to the west of the Oxytown portal. The city played a large role in the creation of the "Outlands cycle" which was that many new players would all flock to a Outlands town instead of applying for a permit to a permanent city and then either leaves the server or moves to another town.

The city of Waffleville and its history has been disputed for a very long time. Around the beginning of Waffleville's life, the leader of the military branch from the Cydonian Empire (A very large and powerful group that still remains on the survival server) named ThaProfessor came to visit ienjoywaffles and made a comment about how he could destroy the city very easily. Ienjoywaffles took this very seriously and quickly killed TheProfessor and took his inventory which only contained 1 diamond and some cobblestone. In response, the Cydonian Empire declared war on Waffleville because Waffles would not return the diamond. Because the city only contained 3 citizens including ienjoywaffles, it was quickly taken over by the Cydonian Empire and they began constructing a military outpost and the famous landmark known as "The Pentagon" created by Alex_Tversky.

Waffles was very upset about the conquest and hired a new player to kill the Cydonian soldiers stationed in Waffleville. In return the player would become a co-mayor and half of the city would be managed by him and the other half would be managed by ienjoywaffles. He quickly killed ThaProf, and greywolfy and Waffleville was once again independent. While Waffleville was occupied by the Cydonian Empire it quickly grew into a very large and prosperous town. The co-mayor of Waffleville was easily tricked by the now banned player JerseyFoo to demand control of all of Waffleville and while fighting ienjoywaffles for control of Waffleville was banned for racism.

Soon the wounds from the Cydonian Empire invasion were healed and Waffleville and the Cydonian Empire became allys. The military outpost remained as long as it was not used to threaten the independence of Waffleville and only protect it in case of an attack. The eagle placed above ienjoywaffles' home was burned and Waffleville remained somewhat popular until Mebville was created. Mebville was made in response to Waffleville's popularity however lacked many of the elements that drew players to Waffleville. The city tried to duplicate Waffleville's Pentagon but it was very small and uneven. Waffleville and Mebville were allies until the mayor Mebflame quit and assigned control to 3 players who were known for being trolls. They quickly denied being in an alliance with ienjoywaffles and the city of Mebville spiraled into chaos. Then another city was made and its citizens moved there. That formed the term "Outlands cycle" because of how many cities made in the Outlands were extremely popular for a short period of time.

Half of Waffleville was destroyed when Oxyville was moved into the Outlands world shortly before the server was wiped.

These events took place more than a year ago and may not be very accurate. There are many alternate points of views on the history of Waffleville and this page was written by ienjoywaffles.

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