Music Links Thread :D


EDIT: Apparently the site has changed a lot since I first posted this thread so please feel free to post youtube videos of your songs on here now instead. I look forward to seeing the awesome music! ^_^

and to renew this post here is my favorite song ever made (and yes I prefer this version of it because it shows the positive and negatives both unlike gary jule's version how it makes the song seem really sad when actually the song was meant to be a celebration of the good and bad both)

i gots a lot of stuff on my brain i play loud as @#$% ... and now i'm sharing ... enjoy

what's not to like here? guys like girls ... girls like girls ... triple win "girl ! i wanna take you to a gay bar ! :D

great carpool partners (~1:30) ...triple-trapdoor escape doors (~2:50) -- DO WANT

now i'm starting to break stuff

technically it's Nikki's fault, but in reality i blame Bugdave xD

ok, i think that's enough to warp your brains. enjoy & read every1 later.

Caution: potential brain-melter ... not for everyone
The kinda random stuff I listen to. Some language and suggestive lyrics. I regret nothing.
[song]Tom Lehrer Masochism Tango[/song]
[song]Shinohara Tomoe Kuru Kuru Miracle[/song]
[song]Alestorm Keelhauled[/song]
[song]Miyavi Selfish Love[/song]
[song]Voltaire The Sexy Data Tango[/song]
[song]The Dresden Dolls Missed Me[/song]
[song]Heywood Banks Toast[/song]
[song]Steve Martin Dentist[/song]
[song]Brobdingnagian Bards The Unicorn Song[/song]
[song]Brobdingnagian Bards The Scotsman Unbound[/song]
[song]flight of the conchords albi the racist dragon[/song]
[song]flight of the conchords the humans are dead[/song]
[song]flight of the conchords mutha uckas[/song]
[song]Sick Puppies You're Going Down[/song]
[song]Mumford and Sons Little Lion Man[/song]
[song]Rise Against Savior[/song]
[song]Puddle of Mudd Blurry[/song]
[song]Eminem Not Afraid[/song]
ok, going totally random on this one

this song makes me lol harder as the song progresses (WARNING: LOUD)
[song]ten masked men - blue[/song]

[song]muppet babies[/song]

totally accidental, but funny as @#%$ (mature language / adult themes -- thanks for listening responsibly)

[song]hard 'n phirm[/song]

and a little video to end on... thanx for stopping by

There was a really good music video of alcoholic but it's been taken down. I love how it starts slow and then bam @ 1:55 the guitar kicks in and I'm all like YEAHHH! now this is Royksopp I know and love.

One of my favorite movie soundtracks. Should've won the oscar.
Nothing like fighting god with this music in the background. Skip to 1:12 for the best part.
Skip to 1:01
kafeexpress: The Alcoholic music video was actually the preview to the full length album preview called "Röyksopp's Adventures in Barbieland."

The full video is here. You can find The Alcoholic segment at about 4:28
Not exactly the one I was looking for but I haven't seen that before. Thanks for the link. The one I was looking for was fanmade ( I think?) and it showed footage of a city through a blurry cam.
and a little video to end on... thanx for stopping by

That is truly amazing.

Reminded me of Brentalfloss and his epic videogame songs.

And finally, Brentalfloss' super mario medley :)

Enjoy :)

P.S Some rude and satirical lyrics. :D