Retro for ever!


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If you own a retro console... chime in ! What's your favorite game on it?

Let's get this party rolling with some of my all time favorites:

Pitfall - Atari 2600
Super Mario Brothers 3 - NES
The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past - SNES

Team9k wants to know!
I love my n64 the most, does that count as retro? If so, my favorite game is probably Mario Kart 64.
I liked mostly the SNES and Genesis from the Genesis I liked: Sonic (of course), Gunstar Heroes, Sparkster (a hidden gem i need to try to find and play again.) and a few others. SNES... freaking everything
I was in a similar boat devy - we sold our NES and SNES at a garage sale, and I had to scavenge around for an ebay replacement 10 years later >_>
hmm I'm actually on the other side of the fence, my parents played and loved video games and it's how I found out about them.. my mom used to be a gaming beast at things like Zelda and I remember her beating Super Mario RPG in like 2 days. Weird that there are so may different ways people and there parents look at games.
hmmm! good question indeed, I don't really know if I can choose just one game.

SNES - DKC2, or DKC, both were pretty gewd.
Sega Genesis - Alien 3

Though the list comes from what I remember playing a lot of when I was younger. I haven't really taken the old systems out in a while. Maybe it's time to do that soon.
i had the stingy parents that would not get me a console, my first was the sega genisus and that was a gift so my fav for that is sonic
and now about a year ago i have a 360 so yeah i had the real stingy ones
I dunno, pikachu was pretty gimp. My pikachu was never as awesome as the one in the TV series :(

Charmander fuh the wuh!

And while we're on the topic of Pokemon:

I got to 40 seconds into that video before head implosion. And I'd have to say pokemon yellow was also my favorite gameboy game, even though I sucked at it.