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    Roll Call

    Yoo still here. I seriously miss the days of T9K classic, being able to hop on at any time of day and seeing people from all over the globe. I feel like we should have something similar to 'restart' this community. But anyways I'm finishing my last year of HS now and am looking to go to college...
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    The archive?

    I would also like to see this. Cool30/31 was my time lol
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    Fill me in on what happened to classic?

    I was just simply not around when classic disappeared. Did the servers get shut down or the gamemode itself? Missing it so much :/
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    Team9000 Minecraft (Community Reboot)

    is it down again?
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    GTA V

    I just want to know, if you have been playing on the xbox with stuff linked to your rockstar account, can you transfer your info onto the pc version?
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    Is this a good trade? (TF2)

    I kill you
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    Is this a good trade? (TF2)

    I totally forgot about this and reading this just reminded me of all my frustations of tf2 trading. o_o
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    IRL PICS! (if you want to)

    Hey, wasn't this the live feed featured on snapchat? That was sweet.
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    pic of victoria harbour, hong kong
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    Summer 2014

    Oh my god. I was just talking about this on survival! Hands down, best film I've seen in a while! Absolutely awesome. Hoping for a second one out soon. The soundtrack though! :D
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    Got them 3 iron ingots for ya

    Got them 3 iron ingots for ya
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    Where are you D:

    Where are you D:
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    Team9000 Minecraft (Community Reboot)

    1. Be mikeymagic That is all.